“Teatro Tariakuri ​has helped my kids many aspects, socially, artistically and mentally. Their confidence has grown tremendously as well.”  Elideth/Parent


Teatro Tariakuri is a nonprofit community arts organization established in Chicago in 2004.Teatro Tariakuri under the leadership of Karla Lopez Galvan-Raigoza Artistic Director has created a non-for-profit theatrical and cultural center in their three-year-old theater house located at 3117 W 63rd St. In the heart of Inglewood, Marquette Park and surrounding neighborhoods. On July 14th, 2020, Tarakuri theatre officially became 501c3 and it could not have happened at a more crucial time.  Our organization was created with our low-income communities in mind. Our Youth Arts Program provides an in-depth education that focuses on creativity and contemporary techniques of theater and dance rooted in our Latino culture all taught by Chicago’s finest professional faculty.  Both our adult and youth Theater Ensemble (ages 5 to 15) develop a positive experience in the unique environment of the Teatro Tariakuri’s very own studios. Our classes include bilingual/bicultural dance, theatre, and music courses for all ages.


Mrs. Nicole Boylan –  President

Mrs. Dawn Hathaway –  Secretary

Mrs. Maria D. Gilbert –  Director

Mrs. Karla Galvan –  Executive Director

Our Mission

Teatro Tariakuri aims to provide an open, safe, and affirming space where participants can explore their own artistic expression. These experiences are geared toward educating, celebrating, and connecting participants with each other, their culture, and a rich artistic history Our goal is to bring pride to our community. To uplift low-income families and let them know that there are creative options for their children and their dance experiences for them to enjoy. Our dance program provides an in-depth education that focuses on creativity and contemporary techniques of dance and theatre rooted in our Latino culture. We strongly believe Great theatre is about challenging thought processes and should not be limited by the language, skin color, economic background, ability, or creed a person is born into; but these differences should be celebrated on Chicago stages so audiences can see themselves represented.

Serving the community

The majority of our students are of Latino Mexican American descent. The families we serve are low income and predominantly from the Chicago Lawn, Marquette, Englewood and surrounding communities. Through our programs and classes we strive to uplift and celebrate the traditions, language, history, and artistic manifestations of many of the Latino community. We look to support families in their efforts to pass on an important piece of themselves to their children through the arts.

While only two neighborhoods in the southern West Side are generally considered Latino,Little Village and Pilsen are considered the heart of Latino Chicago both Pilsen and Little Village have extremely high percent Latino population Unfortunately,the recent pandemic and economic crisis have begun to push out some of the these community members’s lower income residents farther southwest to our neighborhood in Inglewood, Westlawn and surrounding neighborhoods. It is just a small percent of these consumers that show interest in the performing arts.

Teatro Tariakuri has created a theatrical venue directly descendent of Mexico’s “Teatro Carpero” a troupe of talented traveling troubadours, taking the latest news and gossip from around the country to scattered cities and pueblos.

Teatro Tariakuri staging productions in Spanish – “El Teatro del Pueblo” – as some of us call it con cariño (with affection). Has made presence in our three-year-old theater and dance studio house located on 63rd Street and Troy the heart of Marquette Park which is being recognized as the new port of entry for the Mexican (Latino) immigrant community Tariakuri has established itself as a dominant force in this Southside barrio promoting not just theatrical productions but programming for children in dance and theater. The community we serve identifies with our programs, and performances. Giving them a sense of pride and uplifting hope to a more embracing community.


Help us meet our goals by donating money, goods, or time to the organization Your gifts helps provide affordable access to culturally diverse performing arts classes.

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